B&R Automotive - Auto Body Repair Shop in Centralia

What Makes B&R Auto Stand Out

With 25 years of industry experience, our auto repair shop is preferred by many. Our mechanics are courteous, diligent, and skilled, ensuring that our clients receive excellent customer service with professionalism to boot. From restoration solutions to customization, we provide a variety of auto care services. Fortunately, our mechanics are incredibly savvy, which allows us to cater to a diverse clientele. In addition to restoration and auto repair, we also offer general auto maintenance. Regardless of your auto needs, our mechanics are equipped to fulfill your expectations. If affordable, reliable, and trusted automotive services are what you desire, make B&R Auto your first choice for auto repairs.

The Brains Behind B&R Automotive

Military veterans turned successful entrepreneurs, Bryson Pederson and Riley Schreiter combined their strong values with their business acumen to bring B&R Auto to life. In the hopes of leveling the playing field for service members, Pederson and Schreiter vowed to do away with the unjust treatment that fellow service members received from auto repair shops. As a result, the duo began offering auto repair services to military members at little to no cost. From there, they evolved into seasoned mechanics. After discovering that there was a shortage of honest auto repair services, Pederson and Schreiter started providing legitimate restoration solutions. They’re now highly trained mechanics who are proud to serve such a deserving clientele.

The B&R Automotive Crew

  • Riley Schreiter
    Riley SchreiterService Manager/Co-Owner

    Riley is the ever present Service Manager at the shop. He can often be found assisting the other Mechanics through some of the more complex tasks they face throughout the work day, he is also a veteran expert in automotive electrical and electrical diagnostic's. Riley has a vast spread of knowledge between aircraft and the automotive industry in his 10 years of dedicated service. Riley has been around cars his entire life starting when his father got him hooked on Triumph Spitfire's. He can be found in the front some times assisting with customer service and service writing. He is the pillar of this business that keeps it running so smoothly day in and day out and he looks forward to meeting everyone who comes in, when he can get away from his own projects that is. Stop in and say hi!

  • Bryson Pederson
    Bryson PedersonService Writer/ Co-owner

    Bryson Is the friendly and sociable primary service writer for B&R Auto. He always has a smile and a warm greeting for every person who walks in the door. Bryson has been spread between automotive service and aviation for the last 15 years. He also handles most of the custom fabrication and restoration estimates. He loves chatting about old classics especially if he can learn more about them! Bryson has been around cars since he was a little boy tackling father-son projects with his dad, their prized project was a full restoration of a 1960 Nash rambler. Bryson handles most of the parts acquisition especially the restoration parts procurement, writes up the work orders, answers the phone, and will happily offer you a ride if you need one. He would love to meet you!

  • Tyler StelznerRestoration Shop Manager
  • Jerry HererraBody Shop Manager